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Taxpayers who visit Free Tax, INC will find that they are able to find the very latest and most comprehensive tax information they need to file the proper income tax forms with State Departments of Revenue and the Federal IRS. The team of tax experts at Free Tax, INC is familiar with all the laws and regulations of both the West Virginia state and Federal tax systems. Using our team’s experience to their advantage, our customers find they are able to claim all the best deductions to ensure they get the best refund possible.

Customers who choose Free Tax, INC to prepare and process the tax documents they need to be able to file the correct required forms with the West Virginia Department of Revenue and the Federal Internal Revenue Service using our web system. An easy e-file service and direct deposit, available in all states with a State e-filing system, are part of the reason many taxpayer trust Free Tax, INC to handle their tax needs each year. By putting our team to work for them, our customers are able to get their refund back quickly and securely.

Supported West Virginia Forms:

  • Form IT-140
  • Schedule A
  • Schedule M
  • Schedule T

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Preparation of your Federal Return
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