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Those seeking the best up to date tax information and forms for State Departments of Revenue and Federal IRS filings will find that Free Tax, INC supplies these rapidly and with a high measure of convenience. Our top notch team of tax experts works with Arkansas State and Federal tax laws constantly to ensure that Free Tax, INC customers are able to claim the right deductions available to them. This gives our customers an edge when it comes to getting the most possible back on their refund.

Those taxpayers who choose to use the services that Free Tax, INC provides find that they are able to have their Federal IRS income taxes filed quickly and that the additional tax return for the Arkansas State Department of Revenue is completed just as easily. Since Free Tax, INC offers a unique web system to process both returns, customers can expect to be able to e-file with ease and even get their returns direct deposited in any state where this is an available option if they so choose.

With the full service solution that Free Tax, INC provides its customers in every state, it is easy to see why so many of our customers appreciate the speed, security and thoroughness that brings them the largest possible refund each year.

Supported Arkansas Forms:

  • Form AR1000
  • Schedule AR3
  • Schedule AR4
  • Schedule AR1000ADJ
  • Schedule AR1000-CO
  • Schedule AR1000D
  • Schedule AR1075

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Preparation of your Federal Return
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